Divisions LP

by Critical Convictions

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released December 1, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Paul "Yogi" Granger at Meatlocker Studio April 2012. Mastered by Mike Bond www.producedbybond.com




Critical Convictions Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Ottawa
Million dollar cages built to disintegrate
Disposable culture, all can be replaced

Blocking out the sun
Tearing apart history
Gentrification’s won

Suburban white flight replaced by yuppie return
Sanitized streets kill our subcultures

This was a venue
This was a record store
This was community
This is our City
Developers back the fuck off
Track Name: Music as an Industry.....
You play to be adored
Not for any attempt at community

We’re not just ‘markets’
This shouldn’t be an industry

See your fans as equals
Not just sources of revenue

This isn’t an industry
Track Name: ...so cliché
20 foot trailer, 15 shirt designs
Laminate on your belt, impossible guarantees
So cliché

Only girl on tour is your merch lady
It’s a spectacle, its not participatory

Your vision of hardcore, so cliché
Track Name: Spill
Over a 100 days, this oil’s been leaking
Over a 100 days of bureaucrats arguing
How does it take weeks to cap a well
US government lets an incompetent clean the mess

No sympathy for BP
spillover bureaucracy.

BP foots the cleanup bill, A minor price to pay
A nation addicted to oil lets a culprit get away

Fauna over profit margins.
Track Name: The Politics of Dying
From our birth to our last breath
The state has a say in what we do
Assisted suicide is immoral

The right to live means the right to die

The millions invested in palliative care
Cannot eliminate the suffering
Of someone who’s ready for death

And as I watch you lay there, I know you’re ashamed of the condition you’re in
Weak, emaciated and suffering, you asked for an injection to end the pain
But you were told that it couldn’t be done, so you stopped eating, they upped your
morphine… your heart slowly gave away. Im sorry you were denied a death with dignity.
Track Name: Sexual Myths
Some see us as insatiable, common whores

Shes nasty, she wants it
You’re wild, she’s normal

Others spit out radical myths

Good and bad
Is preconceived
These Desires cant be

No I wont accept
Your false imagery
No I wont accept
Your dichotomies
Track Name: Circles
No escape

Addicted to permanence
Decisions based on the past
When did the safe choice
Become the only option

Self created setbacks
Stagnating situations
Circular trajectory

No maps to guide me
Cant maintain my bearings
Whats run its course and
What can be legitimized?

Self created setbacks
Stagnating situations
Circular trajectory

This is your problem
This is my fucking problem.
Track Name: Man Enough
You hide behind a tough guy act
Never one to talk about anything but bands

Not man enough, not woman enough

You call yourself a feminist
But feelings are something you’d rather dismiss

Relationships are a woman’s work
Men can be supportive but still be distant

True equality will only be achieved
When everyone is free to feel
Track Name: Meds
Sweating, shaky, can’t stand being in my own skin
Restless until I pop a sleeping pill

Medicated sedated
Restless Isolated

Biology or culture does the answer even matter
The question seems less daunting after ingesting medicine

I’m not a fan of pharmaceutics but still Im a hypocrite
Take these pills and swallow and at the end of the day
Just remember to breath.
Track Name: Anxiété
L’impossibilité de prendre une décision
Le passé nous hantes

Agitation, appréhensions, anxiété
Aucune solution

Paralysé par nos insécurités
Un futur incertain

Si nous sommes tous remplis de possibilités
Pourquoi continue tu de l’ignoré

Pourquoi (x3)
Track Name: Assimilation
Divisé par
Des lignes imaginaires
Différentes cultures
Mais une langue règne

Assimilation non.

Un manque de respect
Pour ceux qui
Ne sont pas nés parlant
Seulement la langue anglaise
Track Name: Snitch
Whats your price Oh how much would it take
Maybe a 60,000$ FBI salary to snitch on your so called friends

A woman joins the protest community
Meets Eric McDavid and gains his trust

Anna was an informant
A fucking snitch
Paid to inculcate activists

Anna teaches an explosives class
McDavid is arrested in a parking lot
Track Name: Heroin(e)
You said sorry I haven’t called
Got caught up in old habits
You didn’t try anything but reaching for that fix

A white line to nowhere

Tired of your ways, reaching out when you’re desperate
Your addictions mask the problems in your life

I’m too easily replaced by a substance
I never wanted to be your crutch
(For me you’d never do the same)
I'm no one’s heroine.
Track Name: Divisions
A scene built on the hopes of creating something better
We claim to live by our politics but this year made us falter

Divided, they’ll conquer

You condemn these actions Yet you offer no solutions
Marginalizing some persons doesn’t change behaviours

Divisions make us weaker.